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personalized newborn baby gifts Welcome to our new season, I Am Home accent pillow case baby

As we look to embrace a slower pace of life, reconnecting with the people and places that matter most, we are reminded of who we are and where we truly belong.

For Autumn Winter ‘17, the Sheridan design team ventured to Victoriapersonalized newborn baby gifts, exploring Australian landscapes of the Dandenong Ranges and Mornington Peninsula, and the iconic architecture of Melbourne city. The textures, tones, prints and patterns we have created are an articulation of the backdrops and skyscapes we were inspired by there. We continue to be passionate about capturing a unique Australian essence in every piece we create, as we celebrate time-honoured weaving, artistry and skilled craftsmanship in beautiful, liveable design.

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For our new season we explore the quest to find where we belong and where we feel the most comfortable, whether that’s at home in our own abode or out exploring the greater world, the journey to find solace takes us near and far. Our travels help us to discover what is truly important, as we look to embrace a slower pace of life and reconnect with the people and places that matter most.

Now in our 50th year, we reflect on our unique history as one of the world’s most innovative textile experts in the home, and the destination for those who appreciate unique Australian design and superior quality.

Today is the last day to take advantage of the Silhouette Rhinestone Promotion so we have a fun little project to share. Here in suburban land, all the tots carry their soccer ball to practice in a drawstring backpack like this. Since I’m a big-time high-roller, I gave Quinn a soccer ball of her own for her birthday yesterday and made her this fun DIY drawstring backpack to go with it. This is a GREAT boy-friendly gift despite my choices above. The best part is that it’s made from a fabric placemat so it comes together right-quick. It’s like the Easiest. Pillow. Ever. but you can wear it on your back!

Boxing Day is one of the best parts of the holiday season. Stress from the anticipated event has finally been put to rest, for another year. It is the first time in a month that you feel relaxed. Get out the paper plates and cold cuts, and tell everyone to fend for themselves because you are going shopping. Sales, Sales, Sales! Outrageous online sales take place on the day after Christmas, better known as the Boxing Day Sales.

Finally…….it’s baby Chloe’s turn (who’s not really a baby anymore…{sigh}) to have a little color added to her beige walls.? We’re “professional” renters it seems, so we always have to work around the color of walls that we’re given.?

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