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personalized newborn baby gifts New Mixed Media Origins by Tattered Angels personalised birthday gifts

Have you had a chance to play with the Mixed Media Origins Papers? ?If you have?not, oh you are missing out! ?They might look like normal paper?with prints on them, but they are so much more. ?The paper is special, made in Italy and Tattered Angels selected it specifically for the way it works so well with water, mistpersonalized newborn baby gifts, gels, mediums, layers and comes back strong. ?This paper almost feels ?like fabric?and is very strong. ?You have to try?really hard to even tear it, but it is still paper and you can do all that you love to do?with paper.

The paper is filled with?focal point art and background art to give you so much depth when you color or add layers to the?paper. ?

accent pillow case baby canvas rug

Printed on both sides you have so much art to work with and it is terrific for stitching together to make a book, no blank spaces, just a book ready to create in.

?Seasonal and everyday designs including Halloween, Christmas, Art, Shoes, Chairs, Tropical, Baby, Safari?and more.

The art is perfect for adult coloring and watercolor techniques that are so fun with Tattered Angels Paints.

You can also use your favorite art supplies like Copic Markers and other heavy duty markers, Ken Oliver’;s Color Burst and more. ?Try them out and love the results. ?

Ken also got ahold of the new Christmas style and look what he created.

The paper is terrific for fussy cutting too?and the pieces are really strong and will stand up as embellishments. ?

12 styles were introduced earlier this year the first run completely sold out and?now they are all back?in stock and?now we are so excited there are 12 new papers to tell you about?–;?you can see all the designs in the shop –; Mixed Media Origins?

So jump over to the shop or view the catalog to see the entire collection and pick up your Mixed Media Origins?papers today and start creating!!! ?We would love to see what you come up?with –; join us on The Canvas Corp Brands Collective Facebook Group?–; just ask to join and come on in.

For a complete catalog of the Origins Paper Designs –; Mixed Media Origins Catalog

Enjoy?something new from Tattered Angels!!

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