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We love sewing by machine! It's fast, it's easy, and when you have great machines like the Janome models in our S4H studios, it's almost effortless. But it doesn't mean you can't whip out the hand needle and thread now and then. A few well-placed hand-stitched accents add a unique decorative touch. Today's lovely lumbar pillow features rows of simple running stitches in three coordinating colors of embroidery floss.?

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By adding a bit of batting behind the fabricpersonalized newborn baby gifts, the finished look has a sweet, vintage feel. Against a rich quilting cotton, it's the perfect understated embellishment. It doesn't distract from the beautiful fabric, instead adding just a small, special element that takes only a few minutes to include.?

The pillow features a bold feature fabric front and back along with a coordinating accent fabric. We recommend a dramatic color combination that echoes the bright floss stitching. For more information on mixing and matching, check out our tutorial: Top 10 Designer Tips for Blending Colors and Prints.?

We originally used two fabrics from Amy Butler's Alchemy, an older collection that is no longer readily available. But, Amy's talent is evergreen and she always has new and lovely collections from which to choose. Below are some beautiful options by Amy Butler for FreeSpirit Fabrics from her Soul Mate Poplin collection. All are available at Fat Quarter Shop. Click here to see the complete Soul Mate Poplin collection.

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We added a sleek invisible zipper to our pillow cover, but it is optional. You could opt to simply hand stitch your opening closed. If you are brand new to invisible zippers, do not fear them... they can actually be easier than traditional zippers! We have a full invisible zipper tutorial you can review prior to starting the project.?

Our pretty pillow finishes at approximately 12" x 20".?


Project Design: Alicia Thommas Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Debbie Guild

When we bring up the term “color wheel,” at least half of you out there are probably transported back to high school art class, trying your damndest to remember WTF a tertiary color is. Even as grown-ups, the pantheon that is Pantone’s endless index of colors can still be as intimidating as those initial impressions of color theory, especially when it pertains to how to beautify your interior space—but it doesn’t have to be so scary. To prove the point, we wrangled up design guru/blogger/self-described color enthusiast Dabito to break down how to decorate utilizing some concepts of color theory which he believes are foolproof even for us novices (relax, you’re not going to be tested on this).

Adorable presents that won’t break the bank.

This week we thought we’d share a few examples of how our beautiful pure linen bedlinen and accessories can make your bedroom a truly stunning space. We know that sometimes you might feel like a splurge or want an investment piece, and other times money might be a bit tight. So here are some easy bedroom looks for every?budget.

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