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Sometimes it’s hard not to get swept up in the commercialization of a holiday like Valentine’s Day: what’s not to love about giving the ones you love a symbol of your affection? Whether or not your recipient is environmentally conscious or organic-minded, here are some ideas for an organic Valentine’s Day.

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Organic Valentine’s gift ideas for your significant other:

–; Organic flowers from Organic Bouquet or California Organic Flowers. Commercial flowers can be heavily sprayed with pesticides.

–; A date at a farm-to-table (or farm-to-fork) style restaurant. These restaurants try to source their food primarily from local farmers. Bonus points for organic sourced produce and meat!

–; Adopt an animal. Zoos and endangered species organizations have a variety of ways you can “adopt” an animal to support the care of wildlife.

–; Looking for a gift that you can wrap and top with a bow? Sustainably-made sunglasses are a classy gift.

–; A more practical gift for your partner (and maybe for you, too) include a low-flow shower head or other water efficient products for your home.

–; For a cheap but very thoughtful gift, fill a jar of love notes, promises or meaningful phrases for your loved one that they can read when they need itpersonalized newborn baby gifts, or on a weekly or daily schedule. Other bargain gifts that cost nothing but time include cooking breakfast, doing some chores normally the responsibility of your spouse, or planning a game night at home.

–; Wine, cheese, or chocolate are always tasteful gifts perfect for Valentine’s Day, and choosing organic makes them a responsible gift choice as well!

Earth-friendly Valentine’s ideas for the kids

Seed Valentines are a gift that keeps on giving! Encourage other families to support the earth by growing their own organic flowers or vegetables this spring when your children give these Valentines to their friends. Here are a couple great crafts for your seed Valentines:

–; Seed Packet Valentines at Garden Therapy

–; Recycled Seed Paper Heart Valentines at Jamonkey

Recycling crayons gets that box of crayon bits out of your home, away from the trash, and into the hands of other kids that will love their unique shapes and mixed colors:

–; Homemade Crayons at O’Boy Organic

Recycle scrap paper from your house too with these super simple Valentine’s crafts great for young boys and girls:

–; Valentine Airplane Hearts at Make and Takes

–; Heart Paper Pocket Necklaces at Makezine

Eco-friendly Valentine’s gift ideas for your Galentines

Give your galfriends the gift of warmth this chilly February. Upcycle a sweater sleeve into a heating pad or create your own pocket hand warmer. Commercial warmers can contain toxic substances, while these DIY warming pads contain organic heat-retaining grain.

–; Upcycling Sweater Sleeve to Heating Pad at Carolyn’s Homework

–; Pocket Hand Warmers for Chilly Days at Inhabitat

Look for conflict-free or eco-friendly jewelry for your girlfriends for a gift you can feel good about. Pieces made of recycled sea glass or reclaimed materials are options for beauty with no hidden costs.

Treat yo’self (and your galentines too)

Organic soap and spa goods, a luxurious choice that may also give you just the excuse you need to immerse yourself in a nice, peaceful bath after a long day.

For giving yourself moments of peace during the day, try organic chocolate tea, an exotic sounding organic tea that looks simply decadent. If you try it, let me know if it’s as amazing as it sounds.

Most of my frames got a new coat of primer and paint. Some frames I painted white, then used leftover Magnolia Green paint from our painted stairs project for the photo mat. With the other frames, I layered chalk paint using this technique.

While I’m playing in Utah, I’ve got a team of talented bloggers sharing amazing projects like this colorful?DIY Wood Slat Sign from my long time bloggy friend Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything. Creating and making your own wood sign is one way to bring your personality into you home! Reminds me of this DIY Summer Banner Sign. Please help me thank my guest bloggers by leaving friendly comments!

One of the reasons I?love living a minimalist lifestyle is how our home easily transitions from one season to another.

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