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Folks come up with such great gift ideas! Here’;s one from Tari Intardonato, a BERNINA Resource Educator from Texas.

I made this “;Flip Flop”; quilt as a store sample for BERNINA Sewing Center of Dallas?a number of years ago. My son Matthew’;s friend Alexis came over to help me make the quilt. We painted her feet and it did take a couple of tries but we were able to put them on the material without too many imperfections.

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I added the hand stitches, buttonspersonalized newborn baby gifts, and ribbons to make the footprints look like flip-flops. The most time-consuming part of making this quilt was waiting for the fabric paint to dry.

This quilt is about five years old. Store samples sometimes take a while to get back to you. Oh, how I wished I would have put the date on it! I asked Alexis over recently and we made a quilt label which I attached to the back. We then wrapped it up and it is now going to be her Mother’;s Day gift.

You can see from this photo how long it’;s been since we made the quilt!

?I hope this inspires WeAllSew readers to try something new. Happy Mother’;s Day! –; Tari

Wouldn’;t this be great for Father’;s Day, too? I can picture it with big sister’;s footprints, little brother’;s footprints, and Fido and Tabby’;s paw prints. This would be a fun summer?learn-to-sew project!?Jo

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