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Out for a walk along the boardwalk and harbor in Hyannis will find you among the most amazing little buildings, respectfully called Artist Shanties. ?These special little shanties?are colorfully painted as they sit dormant in the early morning, but as the doors begin to open the creativity comes flowing out. ?Each of the shanties are occupied?by a local artist from the Cape. ?The concept behind the Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanties?was to provide affordable accommodations for the artists in the area to display and sell their art. ?We are excited to work with one of the Artists, Tara Ring.

Tara is one of our favorite Makers?and?is one of the lucky ones to reside in one of these little spots occupying this sweet little yellow building #5?and we are excited to play a very small party in this amazing place. ?Tara places her creativity our pillows, bags and wine totes. ?Her sense of humor, classic depiction of the?local icons?and simple relaxed style, maker her shanty welcoming and her products endearing. ?Tara offers custom?made home decor piecespersonalized newborn baby gifts, as well as a wide selection of her featured designs. ?We love how we look in Tara’;s designs.

pillow cases vintage

Clever sayings, simple, clean designs are featured on these handmade wine totes.

Lively pillows that have something cute to say, tell it like it is or brighten up the place.

This lively boating community was once very focused not the whaling, today the beautiful?shores of the Cape are still filled with sea faring boats. ?They no longer set out to capture the whales, instead they honor them, like Tara’;s Whale Silhouette Pillow.

We have had the opportunity to walk through each of these buildings to be amazed with at the craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the love of their native area and heritage. ?These iconic pieces are a memento of a wonderful trip or a show of support for the area you love. ?If you are in the area and have the time for a stroll, this creative stop will be well worth each moment. ?The season just opened so the art is fresh and the artists are ready of the fresh air and sunshine after the harsh winter.

The 2015 season begins Friday, May 15, 2015. ??

Hours:?Weekends Friday-Sunday, and Monday, Memorial Day, May 15th, 2014 through June 21, 2014.Seven days a week, beginning June 22nd: 11:00am-at least 8:00pmSeven days a week, September 7th-27th, 11:00am-at least 6:00pm

Who would not want to go to work each day and see this beautiful view, to pursue their love of art and the opportunity to share it with others in this amazing community? ?If you do not have a trip to the northeast planned this year, but would love to see more of Tara’;s work you can visit her?Etsy Shop?Designs by Tara Ring?and you can follow her on Facebook. ?To find out more about the?Hyannis HyArts Shanties at Hyannis Harbor?visit their website for more details, special events and for more information about the area. ?If you are looking for a creative place to explore this summer or anytime, we think you need to add this one to your bucket list.

If you are a Maker, Etsy Store owner or Vintage Market Vendor?and would like more information on our surfaces please contact us at sales@canvascorp.com. ?You can also visit our website, canvascorpbrands.com??to find out a bit more about what we do and sign up for a wholesale account.

Enjoy the Creativity!!!!

I just LOVE Fall decorations. ?Making these Wood Block Pumpkins has been on my “to-do list” for a while now. ?I’ve seen a variety of ?wood pumpkins on Pinterest and decided to create my own spin by using ?supplies I have on hand and a piece of scrap wood out in the garage.

If you feel like you missed out on the handmade Valentines with yesterday’s Silhouette-friendly post, don’t fret. ?I’ve got a fun handmade Valentine idea for you today, too. ?It does still require a machine, but today it’s your trusty sewing machine. ;)

Being a high-school English teacher for three years, I definitely know about the mental, physical, and emotional toil that teachers experience year-in and year-out.

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