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Today I’;m going to take you on a little tour of my home decorated for Christmas and hopefully give you some ideas for decorating your home.?

I’;m busy sewing away trying to get some gifts done before Christmas, because of this I can’;t share with you what I’;ve been working on yet (don’;t want to spoil any surprises). So I thought instead that I’;d take you on a little tour of my home decorated for Christmas.

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First, it needs to be said that at the moment this is the ONLY clean/tidy room in my housepersonalized newborn baby gifts, and it won’;t stay this long for more than an hour. ? Since it was so tidy and we had a rare sunny day, I thought I’;d snap a few photos to share.

This is one of my favorite nativity sets (I collect them)…; I bought it about 5 years ago and add one or two pieces to it a year. I adore the whimsical colors. ?We’;re past the stage of “;little hands”; so it can sit on the bookcase behind my sofa.

This year I gathered up a few glitter trees (from Walmart) and a cake stand/cloche and tiny Santa Claus and made a little “;vignette”;.

I’;m thinking next year I’;ll add a couple more little glass vignettes like this.

Santa hats hung on a mirror in the hallway.

Ever since the TV ended up above the fireplace (not my choice) I’;ve struggled with decorating it for holidays. ?This year I went with some garlands and pops of red.

I had to add the little red cardinal birds after our team won the NCAA championship this year *wink*

I tried the tree in the corner of the room this year, mostly because I was sick of rearranging the furniture around it. ?I wasn’;t sure if I liked it or not, but now I’;ve decided that I do.

A little nativity set I picked up in Hawaii this year.

Christmas Card hanger on our closet door (purchased from Kiss and a Peck on Etsy).

Greenery arrangement on the dining room table.

Wreaths on the door to the office.

That’;s it! I normally decorate more of the house, but to be honest just wasn’;t in the “;mood”; to do it this year. ?Just pretty much the one room. I’;m in a bit of a Holiday funk, which I’;m guessing is related to my oldest being away from home, and two littles that don’;t believe in Santa anymore ?? Would you believe that we had to MAKE them decorate the tree? It will be interesting to see how our family traditions change over the next few years with the kids all getting older.Connect with me:

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The most recommended lightweight fabrics for panels are cotton, linen, and silk blends because they tend to hang well.In summer, the sun energy is anyway too strong and keeping the sun out is probably a good idea. Similarly if a room has way too much sunlight and you tend to feel restless there all the time, you need to tone down the energy. Use curtains and drapes as a solution.

You will wear them once, they may or may not be comfortable and you're probably going to change out of them once you get to the reception. BUT, they are the shoes you will walk down the aisle in and the shoes you wear as you say your “I Do's”. They'll later be stored in a box of memories but for the day, you want them to be special.

So you have purchased a design collection online or purchased a design collection on a CD, and you have it safely tucked inside a folder on your computer.

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