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It doesn't have to be a specific occasion or festivity to add a touch of sparkle to your dining room, more especially if you like to hold dinner parties or simply enjoy having family meals. As a dining room is designed for eating colours should be muted but not boring – this is where you can add glam and sparkle without going over the top!

Whether you have fitted carpets, parquet flooring or stripped floorboardspersonalized newborn baby gifts, add comfort by placing an area rug under the table. This will not only look stylish it can also help preserve your flooring from accidental spills!

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Plain or patterned the choice is yours! Metallic wallpapers will work well if the rest of your décor is plain, the metallic sheen will add a magical sparkle to your room. Windows: Choose curtain fabrics online which compliment your colour scheme. For an elegant and graceful look ensure your curtains are full length, making your own curtains will enable you to be very pedantic about the fabric and colour. If you're not competent using a sewing machine opt for made to measure curtains to get the look. Choose an appropriate method of hanging your curtains, for silent gliding and virtually invisible look for a Swish curtain track or Harrison Drape curtain rails in white, silver tones or a swish curtain rail. If you have a large wooden table wooden curtain poles would be a good option. Keep windows up-to-date by using voile panels in between your actual curtains.

A chandelier is ideal and will add sparkle to the room. Think about the size so that the chandelier doesn't overwhelm the room by being too big or look out of place because it's too small. Also take into consideration how low over the table you hang your chandelier; it may be trendy to hang it low however, too low and it can make conversation with guest damn near impossible! Additional floor lamps, table lamps or candelabra can be used to create a soft and romantic look.

An ornate mirror will add sparkle to the room as well as help move light around the room. Place a few carefully chosen display object to add interest to the room without distracting from the focal point – which should be your table. Bring out your best crystal glasses and polish up your cutlery to make your dining room table sparkle and shine! Fresh flowers always add a friendly and welcoming touch – choose to display them in a vase which will sparkle, such as polished glass or metallic silvers to compliment your cutlery.

Patches are a super cool way to show your interests, accomplishments, and personality! Over the past couple of years, I've acquired various patches here and there but had nowhere I really wanted to put them. Recently I got a new backpack and knew instantly that it would soon be covered in awesome patches!

I cannot believe another year has come and gone, but I loved reflecting on?your favorite home decorating ideas that I shared in 2017.

The best way to enjoy the fruits of our sewing efforts for a long time is to secure our seams. After all, if a seam is meant to hold pieces of a project together, logic dictates that we should see that our seams stay put securely.

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