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personalized baby gifts This Palmerston North home isn't for the faint-hearted sofa pillow covers

Julie Attwell’s Palmerston North home?embraces deep, dark paint shades, especially black!

Living here since 2006 with husband Anthony, son Jackson, 17personalized baby gifts, daughter Georgia, 22, mother Joan, Penny the Staffy, cats Goose, Timmy and Stella, and chickens Custard, Dora, Peg and Dave, you could say she has a rather full house!

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The three-bedroom, 120-square-metre art deco building has been fully redecorated by Julie, who says although her decor style is ever-evolving, her penchant for black has never wavered. For evidence, look no further than her lounge feature wall painted in Resene ‘Nero’, a deep colour with inky blue undertones. “I’m super confident about dark colours, black in particular,” she says. “It’s my favourite; I think it’s beautiful but it needs to be used wisely. If you get it wrong, you lose its beauty.”

Resene shades to try:Mix and match blacks and greys from The Range fandeck.

Resene ‘;All Black’; Resene ‘;Half Bokara Grey’; Resene ‘;Ditto’; Resene ‘;Blackout’;






















Photography by: Nicola Edmonds.

All from The Range fashion colours.?Resene paints and colours are available from?Resene ColorShops and resellers nationwide.?www.resene.co.nz or 0800 RESENE (737 363).

So you have heard about junk journals, maybe you have made one, maybe you have made 100 or maybe you are just thinking about making one? ?Well, we thought it would be fun to share some thoughts about junk journaling from the amazing Linda Israel who created and hosts the huge Facebook Group – Friendly Junk Journal People??We will walk you through the design process of one of Linda’s Junk Journals and ask her some questions along the way. ?The junk journal and projects we are sharing today were created for the world-wide launch of a brand new printed collection by Calico Collage and Canvas Corp – Dragonfly Delight. ?Calico Collage has traditionally been a digital download only brand, but thanks to the partnership with Canvas Corp, a new printed version will be available in 2019 in the CCB Shop. ?To help them launch the collection, the kit along with a brand new selection of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist paints was featured on Create and Craft TV and wow was a that amazing. ?Linda created the models for the show and this journal was featured on air to show the world how to make a junk journal and show off this amazing paper line at the same time. ?She also had a hand in the original design inspiration for the Dragonfly Delight Collection and pairing up Norella and the Canvas Corp Team.

For starters, they’re not cute, but more importantly, they can totally take you into a downward spiral of unproductivity. Not to be overdramatic, but we truly believe in the power of a good decor overhaul to help balance out the energy in your space. So, we asked photographer duo The Maxwells to show us 5 simple steps you can take to design your space to make the most of your day. The best part? They even made room for some R&R. Check out their tips below!

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