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It’s getting to that time of year again, the one where we no longer need lights on 20 hours a day, when its stops raining.slightly, where the sun pops outsometimes, where we all give our homes a real good scrub down. That’s right, its spring!

What better way to hurry this favourite season alongpersonalized baby gifts, aside from letting skipping lambs to run amok in your front room (tried this, it did not end with happy results).By introducing subtle hints of spring into your home through your decor. Spring is about new beginnings; new life and bringing a new look into your surroundings.

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After the winter season homes are left with dark heavy materials and furniture. Dark throws to huddle under, heavy curtains to keep the heat in and thick rugs under foot to keep the chill off the toes. These are the first things to go. Remove all of the dark, rich robust materials and replace them with light sheer ones for an instant room facelift.

Window fixture choice makes a huge difference, as they alter the light level inside a room. Thin and delicate curtains will make a brighter atmosphere in the room and will cause a sense of life, movement and energy when caught in a breeze. Light coloured materials such as cotton and silk curtains would be perfect for this effect.

Roman blinds are also great for the spring season, letting the sunlight stream through, but with the ability to be tilted to achieve comfortable shade when required. They often come in whites, creams and natural tones which enhance that fresh spring theme that you’re aiming for.

Buying light new furniture to replace the darker tones just for a new season is slightly out of reach for most, especially in the current financial situation, and isn’t really necessary . Purchasing some new cheap cushions for your sofa will break up the darkness and inject brightness, especially if they contain some sort of floral

theme. Painting existing wooden furniture in light colours gives a fresh new look and cost a fraction of what new furniture would.

In fact floral themes, flowers, birds, bees, and butterflies all represent the spring season. Whether there appearing in new art work on the walls or incorporated into material patterns or in a new selection of ornaments put out for the new season.

Altering the layout of rooms can also be altered now that the warmer months are approaching; the lounge furniture no longer needs to congregate around the fire place, squashed together for warmth. A different focal point can be chosen, around a window looking out onto gardens where you can appreciate the change of season as it occurs.

Other touches, such as replacing the coals or logs in your fire (if you have a traditional fire place) with a selection of candles or an arrangement of flowers makes a noticeable difference. Even with gas fire places placing them on the hearth in front brightens up the space.

Colours that emulate spring include pale yellows, sky blues, anything fresh light and bright. Neutral tones suit any space making them feel larger and airy; all you have to do now is sit back and wait for the English summer to arrive all three days of it!

A luxurious hooded baby towel is a great gift for an expecting or new mom. It’s big bang for your buck. Be sure to coordinate your towel to the nursery or family bathroom. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, present the gift in one of Jaime’s drawstring bags made from your accent fabric.? DIY after the jump…What you need:A bath towel (approx 30″x54″)A hand towel (approx 16″x27″) (not face cloth)Accent fabric, an approximately 3.5″ x 18″ stripCoordinating threadHead pinsSewing MachineIron

So my coat for this winter, although beautiful, does not have sleeves. Which makes for some really unhappy arms in snowy weather. It's also a pain to have to wear long-sleeve shirts all the time just to cater to my coat, SO to remedy this, I made my own pair of arm warmers out of an old long-sleeve shirt that I no longer wear.What you'll need to make your own:-Long sleeved shirt-Sisscors-Needle and thread-Pins-Sewing machine/serger (I used both in this project)

The art deco style of interior design was born out of a 1920’s that that not long seen the invention of the aeroplane, the skyscraper and the computer. Influenced by these glimpses of the future, this sleek style attempted to reflect speed, technology and the growing optimism and confidence felt by society at the time. Extremely lavish in its nature, Art deco featured in places of public entertainment such as cinemas, theatres, and ocean liners.

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