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I love Spring, it’s my favourite time of year. The appearance of tiny snow drops pushing through the recently thawed ground, small buds sprouting from green shoots and branches, and the sound of morning bird song, all fill me with hope and anticipation.

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To me Spring represents new beginningspersonalized baby gifts, fresh starts and renewed resolutions; all of which are symbolised by these simple little signs of nature. We emerge from the often dark and dull days of winter into the light and airy mornings of Spring. We shed heavy coats, gloves and scarves in favour of lighter, more cheerful, apparel, as we willingly welcome the warmer, brighter, days of Spring into our lives. It’s a proven fact that weather affects our well-being, general state of mind and mood swings. The lack of regular sunshine throughout the winter months can leave us all feeling jaded and lack-lustre; but as the more vibrant days of Spring and Summer approach, we find ourselves enjoying a much needed burst of renewed energy and enthusiasm.

If it is then that our surroundings affect our status quo, should we not then take control and ensure that we surround ourselves with things that make us feel better?

Obviously we can’t control the weather! But we can shape and colour our environments, in particular our interiors. In today’s busy lifestyles, our homes are often our sanctuaries. Here and here alone, we can relax, be ourselves, express ourselves and be completely comfortable in our own skins. We can lighten, freshen and revitalise the spaces we live in, in a way that will lift our spirits and give us a brighter outlook from within, with simple decorating and furnishing changes.

Learn how to use seam guides for spacing out stitches with precision in this post from award winning quilter,?Charlotte Warr Andersen.

“As a huge fan of TV period drama – often more for the wonderful costumes and sets than the storylines – I am delighted to see the wide-ranging influence of the Art Deco art movement on film, fashion and home this Autumn. This glorious period for the arts was unafraid of audacious style and celebrated opulence. Our Deco Charm theme attempts to capture the magic of that era and deliver the look in a glamorous yet affordable collection that works for the modern home.

Individual shoelaces are really easy to make and will make your shoes unique.I always check out the shoes people wear. I love it when someone wears interesting shoes and one way to restyle your shoes inexpensively is to make your own laces. Every shoe looks better with unique laces and here I will show you how to make them.I have entered this instructable in the SEW COOL contest. If you like it please vote for me.

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