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In today’s world of never-ending product disclaimers (I once bought a beach ball on which one quarter of the sphere was covered with warnings of everything I should not attempt with the ball), we feel compelled to tell you that this seatbelt pillow is not for the driver. However, your passengers are allowed to doze offpersonalized baby gifts, and this adjustable pillow lets them do that in comfort. No more banging their heads against the window or risking a neck cramp just to get a little shut-eye on the road.

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Our simple design features two adjustable overlapping tabs to attach the pillow to a seatbelt’s crosspiece.?

The tabs are secured with Velcro? so they’re fully adjustable to fit any belt as well as to position the pillow to best fit the height of the passenger. It’s great for adults or kids.

We added a cute pocket on the front of the pillow to hold a cellphone, pad and pencil or to keep a few snacks handy.

The main pillow is made from super soft Cuddle fleece by Shannon Fabrics. We chose Cloud Spa Cuddle in Latte. The pocket and tabs are standard quilting cotton; they take just small cuts – you may have the perfect scraps already in your stash.?

We recommend a premium quality polyester fiberfill for the stuffing. This will make the pillow soft and comfy yet firm enough for good head and neck support.?

Customize your colors and patterns so each person has their own unique look. The project is fast and easy enough to make seatbelt pillows for all your passengers in a single afternoon.?

This would be a great gift idea. Of course, you’ll need to add your own disclaimers to the gift tag: no pillow for the driver, no using the pillow as a flotation device, and no pulling it off and bopping your sister over the head.?

Our seatbelt pillow finishes at approximately 6?” wide x 25” long.


Project Design: Alicia ThommasSample Creation and Instructional Outline: Leah Wand

Fashion designer Nephi Garcia uses his immense talents to create incredible cosplay outfits for his young family. The California-based creative started his career producing high-fashion frocks, but that focus shifted once he had kids. “It started to feel like the industry wasn’t really working for me,” Garcia explained to Buzzfeed. Last year, after planning a family trip to Disney World, his 6-year-old daughter Lili asked him to make her a costume that she could wear while there.

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Are you sick of your boring tabletops? Do you long for romantic furniture that speaks volumes of your home design expertise? Cutting Edge Stencils can offer you just the fix you need! A while back, we teamed up with Kim Myles to create the Indian Inlay Stencil kit, and we’ve received so much love from our customers about this particular stencil! We’ve been told, and we know from experience, that it looks absolutely TREMENDOUS on table tops! If you don’t believe us, check out how our friend Ashley, from the blog Domestic Imperfections, stenciled her kitchen table with this intricate inlay design!

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