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We’;re kicking off Monday with the Mini Mod Dress Tutorial from Kelly at Wild Wandering. This cute number comes with a free pattern that you can customize for the perfect fit. Sew in elastic for a more fitted look, or lose the sleeves for hot summer days.

Check out Kelly’;s tutorials for bubble shorts for girls and a Papier Mache Deer Head for your home. Hear about her families many travels around the world and their adventures living in Paris here.

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Keep reading for the full Mini Mod Dress Tutorial after the jump…;

Mini Mod Dress Tutorial and Free Pattern

Thank you oh thank you patient friends who have been waiting for this tutorial and pattern. I talked about it first when? In February? Oh how embarrassing. But now you know about the new blog and all that craziness so I am forgiven correct? Here it finally is the Mod Dress tutorial and free downloadable pattern. I actually made this dress twice with two very different results just by changing the fabric and adding a bit of elastic to the sleeve. The first version is much more modernpersonalized baby gifts, with its boxy cut and square sleeves.

The fabric is Amy Butler and I think it is what really makes this dress. That and Evie’;s electric blue tights that she completely shredded in the car the other day ??

The second version of this dress is a lot more “;childish”; and Springy. The fabric is from Ikea and is pretty stiff. I also gathered the sleeves with a bit of elastic and also (thought you can’;t see it) gather the waist by top stitching a thing strip of elastic around the waist on the inside.

I pull the elastic as I go with naturally gathers the fabric and gives the dress a bit more definition. I also feed some ribbon through the loops of her shoes because I am obsessed right now with THESE Dolly shoes.

Poor Evie was FREEZING in London so I literally took maybe five minutes to take pictures of her.

She is such a trooper and really just the best little girl when it comes to me dragging her out for pictures. None of my other cuties would put up with what she does. Don’;t worry she got a Cadbury egg for her good behavior. AND we got to walk admire the amazing Tower Bridge!

This pattern is in Size 3T though I would say it runs small. I actually went to a ton of effort trying to “;slash and spread”; so that I could offer this pattern in more sizes. PLUS it is already a little short on Evie. It did not go so well. I have no idea what I did but when I made a sample in a larger size nothing added up. I have been toying with using a draw and move method instead. Has anyone done this? I would love to offer it in more sizes! For now the size 3T (though it would probably work as well as a 2T) is available right HERE for download. Now for the tutorial.

You will need a yard and a half of fabric. More if you have a patterned fabric that needs lining up. If you gather your sleeves you will need long thin elastic. Mine was tiny tiny thin and a pain to sew but it was what I had on hand. You will also need one button.

After this step I also hemmed my sleeves. If you are gathering your sleeves now would be the best time to sew on the elastic. If not simply hem them.

All that is left to go is hem the dress! If you decide to add some elastic around the waist you can do that now. For both my belts I just took scrap fabric and sewed it together until I had a nice long chunky piece. I folded it in half lengthwise, right sides together and sewed up the side. I then flipped it right side out (with the help of a pencil) and tucked in the raw ends, finishing them off. Easy peasy!

I would always love to see what you come up with!


As we celebrate our 50th year of creating beautiful Australian living, we are proud to announce our partnership with iconic Australian brand, Qantas.

Petrol: That moment when blue and black comes together to make the inkiest colour of them all!

The Odd Fellows Chain Block is a nice 24 inch square, and I thought it would be the perfect size for a great tote to carry my cutting mats and rotary rulers back and forth to class. I added a little trim to give an added boost and put cork fabric on the back for a new and different look. This block was “quilt as desired” in the Block 11 post, so I used BERNINA Q-matic Longarm Automated Quilting System on my BERNINA Q 24 on the frame to quilt this block.

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