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One of the things I love most here at Prudent Baby is being able to chat with crafty mamas from all around the world. Even if we don’;t have the same first language we can still learn so much about crafting from each other. Citra from Innocentia is here from Indonesia to share her adorable Mini Me Top. So cute, right? You can also check out her posts on how to draft a peter pan collarpersonalized baby gifts, sew a basic balloon dress, and a super easy way to make hangers.

Get the full tutorial for the Mini Me Top after the jump…;Yup ! The pattern of this shirt is ready ! I call it “;Mini Me”; because it just looks like a miniature of my shirt. You can download the pattern right here and the Mini Me tutorial here. Please note that this pattern is made for size 2T. And the most important is you must add 1 cm seam allowance yourself.

pillow cases solid

I’;m sewing another Mini Me in solid. Hey, it is not just for plaid !

Thanks so much Citra! Don’;t forget to check out Citra’;s many other tutorials over at Innocentia.

August is here, and the new school year is about to begin. And back to school time means new backpack time! Here are some of our all-time favorite free backpack tutorials and patterns to get you inspired for back to school!

Go karts are fast, fun and can be controlled by little hands and feet. The best go karts are one step closer to the “real deal,” and one of the most thrilling kid toys out there. The design makes it an excellent car for racing. If your kiddo wants one, have no doubt, that is what they have in mind. If you are not as excited about getting a go kart as your kid, you can thank Art Ingels, who made the first go kart in 1956. If you do not know much about go karts, then relax, we’ve got you covered and will help you sift through what you need to know.

Do you want your daughter to make a face like this?Or like that?Or maybe this?Then make her one of these magical tutu dresses of magic.And watch her flit about the yard in fairy princess heaven. Find out how to make a magical tutu dress after the jump!

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