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Hey there, so you may be wondering where is Dark Floral 2?! After all, I did announce last week that it would be added to the web shop by now.

You know ... there are just always a few last tweaks :)

burlap throw pillow covers

And when you're a perfectionist, those few last tweaks can drag on for weeks, and months ... And start driving you a little crazy!! :)

I'll be sure to post here as soon as Dark Floral 2 is live at www.elliecashmandesign.com. I hope it'll be just a few more days.

In the meantimepersonalized baby gifts, here is a peek at the 'Light Fresco' version, styled and photographed by Ellen Mesu.

This is my favorite situational shot yet. It's Grandma anno 2014 and beyond. And there's something great about Grandma ... we shouldn't be afraid of her. As I recently read on a trend report, we should:

"Go big. Go Grandma. Or go home."

It's all about improving on the past. Combining old and new to create something that is a true and personal reflection of you.

By choosing flowers as my subject I've obviously chosen a traditional motif. But in using the most up-to-date digital software, printing processes and wallpaper materials, I hope to create a unique product for the home that is on the one hand timeless and even a bit nostalgic, and on the other totally of this moment, totally modern and even a bit revolutionary. The best of both worlds.

Here is a detail of the 'fresco' effect. The flowers appear to be painted onto a concrete surface:

And the product description for Dark Floral 2 in the Light Fresco color way:

"Giant, painted chrysanthemums, roses, tulips and hydrangeas burst out of a middle ground of undulating foliage. A single butterfly inhabits this lush garden world. This design is the sequel to Ellie's breakthrough 'Dark Floral', on a nearly white 'fresco' background. The flowers appear to have been painted on white concrete, adding rich texture and creating a subtle tromp l'oeil (what we call 'fresco') effect when the wallpaper is applied to the wall. The pinks and greens are more subdued and the background is lighter and less textured than the Vintage Sanded Fresco version. The dramatic play between deep shadows and brilliant spotlights is another ode to the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age and creates a sort of 3D effect. What really distinguishes this wallpaper from your (great great) grandmother's is the larger-than-life-scale of the flowers, the largest of which is 47 cm (18 in.) in diameter."

Hope you love it!

Each year I try to find something quick that I can stitch together as a great gift for friends and family. This year, I’m making sets of hand warmers to keep fingers toasty while typing or mousing away at your desktop computer. Follow along with this quick Desktop Hand Warmers tutorial and make a set for yourself!

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