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The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and cooking can wear you down, along with loud traffic and bright lights. This year, retreat to the peaceful serenity that can come from your own home, by filling with soft pastels, that soothe and relax. From sky blue to sun-drenched yellow, faded natural colours can help you keep your sanity throughout the Christmas season.

Everyone has a favourite colour that makes them feel rejuvenated. However, many times it is the tone of the colour that brings about the mood. Electric blue and grass green are not the same as a light aqua that warms a room with a quiet, romantic aura. If you like the relaxing mood that soft pastels providepersonalized baby gifts, use them to lavish your home with the holiday spirit. Pastel colours can include mint green, pearl lavender, soft peach, lemon chiffon, azure, pink and white. By using two or more of these warm colours, you are sure to feel a soothing difference.

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It can be easy to outfit your home with pastels, in place of bright red and green, for the holiday season. Start with a base of white and expand with any type of pastel that catches your eye. Cheap rugs that are soft and thick, sprinkled with natural faded colours, can help to determine which dominating pastel to use. If you favour light green, for instance, start with two different tones of green in curtains and cushions and go with a Christmas tree that is heavily laced with brilliant white snow. Use peach, light blue, or clear LED lighting for highlighting around a window or strung around a lovely artificial plant. Instead of placing bows on your snow-covered tree, use wide-scrunched dangling ribbons, dotted among matching satin covered bulbs of green, blue or peach.

Your tree will take on the appearance of a cloud that if drifting along the sky. Use silver wrapping paper and the same pastel colour scheme for elaborate sheer, linen ribbons for gifts. Use these same light ribbons to form a small partition, hung from the ceiling of tied hanging snowflakes, small wrapped packages or other festive trinkets. Using pastels, sparingly, will generate a fresh, relaxing atmosphere.

Too many items can overload the mind and interfere with the tone you are hoping to achieve. Keep it light, airy, and sensuous, with just a few of your favourite pastel colours. Don't forget to include candles or tea-lights which can be placed in clear glass dishes and bowls to make stunning arrangements which compliment the soft pastel tones. Now, get settled with a good book and clear your mind from the worries of the world.

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