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Stop wasting money and make your own DIY Birthday Goodie Bags! Kids party planning just got easier! Using a simple lunch sack and inexpensive foam stamps with washi tape, goodie birthday bags will be done!

Goodie Bags…;…;. Do any parents really like them?

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I only enjoyed them while creating my own DIY Birthday Goodie Bags. Craft time is craft time! But whoever invented the silly ritual of handing out goodie bags is on my list! (Not that I don’;t like goodie bags for holidays! Like these adorable treat bags with a window!)

Now that my son is older,?I am so happy the goodie bag trend stops. (Here’;s his 13th Birthday Party that the boys loved) I can’;t remember exactly when I stopped feeling the peer pressure to supply kids with a bag full of crap…;…;.I mean…; goodies for every birthday, soccer game etc…; but it was a glorious day not to worry about one more thing. It also meant that my son wasn’;t coming home with unwanted sugary treatspersonalized baby gifts, plastic throwaway toys etc…;? Here’;s a great idea for Mind Craft Birthday Parties.?

Seemed like I was always ill-prepared when I needed to supply goodie bags for some event, and I finally just stocked up on generic paper sacks and stamped cute designs. Fast,?easy and fun!

If I was going to be a part of the problem, then I may as well hand out a stylish one and have fun doing it!

Making DIY Birthday Goodie Bags is easy, fun and can be catered to any theme.?This is also great for last minute gift wrap too! Even better that kids of all ages can help.

It doesn’;t have to be fancy! Choose a variety of colors to keep it interesting and stamp away.

Having a few made up ahead of time will come in handy, for when you need to wrap something quick, yet you still want it to look creative. So simple and inexpensive, but so so cute! I’;ve always enjoyed the Kraft Paper look to gift wrap.

Of course, these also make adorable lunch bags for school!

Now, where’;s Mama’;s goodie bag?

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